Based on his long-term experience, Denis St-Laurent is an artistic director as well as senior graphic designer since 1977, in pre-press and web spheres. Over the past years, he brought together qualified people that complement one another and combine their respective fields of expertise in order to provide the best possible service in visual communication.

The team of St-Laurent et Associés communication design inc. is made up primarily of self-employed people that are all related by telecommuting, thanks to their powerful Internet network. Denis and Renaud share a virtual space of over 1.2 TB as well as spaces from 10 to 15 Gb with each team member, making it appear as if they were all working in the same office.
Christine Naulleau:
With over 15 years of experience in graphic design, Christine began her career in technical drawing, then in an advertising agency before ultimately starting her own business. Her overflowing creativity led her to attend training in visual arts in Montréal as well as Nantes, in France. Then, she uncovered a newfound depth in the creation of her images and captured how to bring her projects to life.
Nancy Fafard:
With almost 20 years of experience in advertising agencies, graphic design or print production are no big mysteries to Nancy. She also takes care of the production of trendy promotional articles.
Roberto Gianfelice:
Roberto has been in business since 1996 and is constantly updated in terms of continuous training. Furthermore, he is on the leading edge when it comes to development on the Internet, such as web programming, e-commerce, inventory management, online shopping carts, database integration, etc.
Patrick Bricault:
Patrick’s qualifications as a technician in mechanical engineering and his years of work in industrial design combined to his tremendous talent and passion for graphic design allowed him to align his numerous skills since 2001. He is also specialized in CAD, graphic design as well as 3D image synthesis (photorealistic renderings) using 3D digital templates.
Renaud St-Laurent:
Renaud holds a Certificate in Documentation as well as manages and organizes the nomenclature of documents. Furthermore, he elaborates management procedures in order to archive the material treated.
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