The "why" part is quite easy to understand: your logo must represent your corporate image as well as the services you offer, your corporate mission and nature as accurately as possible.

How you will manage to do so is way more subtle and will depend on your corporate communication tools. If your business is a retail market in constant contact with high volumes of customers through monthly billing (i.e. service companies), that means it operates on a "B to C" (Business to Consumer) basis. In such cases, your corporate logo should contain only one solid color and be easily replicated (no fade-outs) in order to reduce printing costs of these large communication tools.

However, if your company mainly conducts "B to B" (Business to Business) activities and reaches its clients on an online basis only, it will be quite different. Then, there are virtually no restrictions, since the colors of online communication tools are unaffected by production costs. Your logo must however remain tasteful and appropriate.
Once you got a great logo, it is also important to make good use of it. Its main application will remain on your stationery.

With a view to a complete elaboration of your logo, St-Laurent et Associés can also develop all your stationery items, such as letter heads, #10 envelopes as well as business cards for every logo elaboration request. With your approval, all your stationery documents will be delivered to your printing company, with whom we can ensure the coordination of printing, if you so wish.

We also elaborate reference standards, i.e. logo positioning, clearance, color technical specifications (print (pantone or process colors) and video colors). Your new logo will also be adapted to your specific needs, meaning that we will provide you with multiple versions of your logo on a CD: in vectorial, AI and EPS, pixels, JPEG, PNG or BMP, RGB or CMYK versions, along with a PDF document explaining the nomenclature of file names.
Our creations
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Para Sports Quebec

To coordinate and support access to the practice of parasports, at any performance levels, for the benefit of people with physical limitations.


PLX Consult Média

Strategy and distribution management of periodicals and books — Advertising and promotion at points of sale — Diagnosis and product assessment — Research and development — Sales team management — Product launches — Coaching and mentoring


Usines Giant inc.

The image underlines the ecological approach in the choice of materials for the elaboration of residential water heaters.


Michelle Tremblay notaire inc.

Firstly named "Beaulieu Tremblay, notaire inc.", then "Michelle Tremblay, notaire inc.", this major public notary office is located in Verdun


Fondation Champlain et Manoir de Verdun

The Fondation Champlain and Manoir-de-Verdun contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the living environment of Champlain and Manoir-de-Verdun Care Center residents.


La petite Bourgeoise

Three-star guest house located in Verdun


Ghislain Leduc, photographe

Wedding & portraits. Mr. Leduc enjoys "Capturing a magical moment, a story to tell through an eternal image".


Explorer Solutions

Counselling services in airports, aerospace, aviation, and economic development.


Concertation en développement social de Verdun

A non-profit organization whose mandate is to pursue consultation, entertainment as well as intersectoral and multi-network coordination of Verdun social entities.


Usines Giant inc.

This logo is a trademark and designed to identify an array of water heaters manufactured specifically for plumbers. This range of products is not sold publicly and contains specific safeguards.